When the Witchetaw Chief Speaks…

Your Alignment will take place 12/21/2020 People true self will be revealed after this Date.. Get Ready!!

This is an Astrological chart of All the planets at 9:21pm on December 21, 2020/2012… As you can see all the planets have aligned (Converged), they will be in aligned in the Aquarius Constellation. This Aquarian Alignment will create a New Cosmic Thought Bomb for the Galaxy which will bring in higher levels of Mental frequencies causing a shift to happen. The physical plane will vibrate so high due to the influx of Cosmic Energies coming in that it will cause the Astral Realm to merge with it as they will be vibrating on the same frequency. This is what we mean by The Great Convergence during the Winter Solstice. This is Judgement Day.

Did you know that having at one point or another widespread economic misery, sociopolitical turmoil, lower public morale and diminish your global status?

The great thing about leading by example and showing improve is the inspiration that falls on the people you surround yourself with.. when or if you ever loose sight of your own way you can always look around and see the seeds you planted and be encouraged & reminded that you have nothing but growth in you for even more success.. bare great fruits and you will never hunger…

Make sure your stacking on water and as much can Foods to eat as well, toilet tissue and Herbs and essential oils. Let others in UZN / Moors authority know it is a must to get cause bout to get funky again with all this next wave mess again these Luciferians are about to start their next moves. Also much lemons, onion, oranges for steaming and oil burners and candles for certain close air of viruses or unwanted smells in your households, unless you have electric diffusers. Those who can get long shelf survival food or duster preparation food kits that last 25-year shelf life, get it while you can and your already know what else of emergency your know your better get. Everyone will be in for a shock soon and that’s when all hell going to break loose. Spread the word to all your love ones and if nothing happens then All Praise to The Almighty But don’t be caught this time for Luciferians plans and Tricks. You’ve been Warned…

When Manifesting:

Know that this journey is not about finding yourself…

It’s about creating it.

When Manifesting:

Practice holding the future vision of yourself completing or acting out certain experiences.

When Manifesting:

You always speak & write in the presence of NOW.
For example:  I AM a millionaire .
Tomorrow never comes… the only time is now. Always …..
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