Resignation From Grand Judiciary

Don’t everyone rejoice all at once. Please accept this email as my resignation from the judiciary body. The ancestors ordered my presence for a short time. I will continue to nation build through the ma’at. The ma’at will hold closed meetings starting next week, except for classes. Those of you who are a part of the ma’at are asked not to disclose the meeting discussions with those outside of the ma’at. You are honorable and noble, so I know you will assent. I leave you with the words I posted on the facebook group:

“Islam nobility, here is some more of my two-cents (in lawful money):

always remember that you are all leaders. seek to develop this within you so that you are never led astray. do your own study, research, and due diligence in all that you do.

do not go by what others say, not even me. look at their actions and the definitive results of those actions. use common sense along with spiritual direction. make a point to keep balance in your life as much as possible.

believe nothing but consider everything. do not distrust, but “trustify, verify” all that comes your way. remember: “if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, and acts like a duck, more than likely it’s a duck”!

I encourage you to get and read a book called: Neo Pax Tech by Frank R. Wallace. we deal with the world as it is now, but it is, in my honest opinion, a prescription for a better future.

peace and love to you all”