proclaim your nationality

do you know who you are?

you are not and were never a color in a crayon box
you are not and were never “black”
you are not and were never “african american”
you are not and were never “colored’
you are not and were never “negro”
you are not and were never “latino”
you are not and were never “puerto rican”
you are not and were never “indian”
you are not and were never “mulatto”
you are not and were never any of the other misnomers they have tried to put upon you

everything you thought you knew is wrong. here are a few truths to start you on your study and research journey:

you are and have always been a moor/moorish american/ asiatic/ moabite/ indigenous and aboriginal/paleo-american

all of the people of the earth have their origins in ancient africa (alkebulan)

all of the people of the earth come from the womb of the moabite/asiatic woman. she is the matriarch and mother of all.

there are no “white” people just like there are no “black” people; there are “free white persons” which does not mean caucasian/european. the word “white” is symbolic for purity and goodness and denotes “status”. believe it or not, moors are “white” with respect to status. those who insist on being “black” are dead in law.

some of our ancestors were to blame for their experiments; they created the caucasians/europeans through continual cross-breedng with mutations created from Rhesus monkeys and humans. (reference movie: “The Island of Dr. Moreau”)

some of our ancestors were to blame for their enslavement of the caucasians/europeans. however, this was more akin to today’s employer-employee relationship. it was not the horrible chattel slavery to which our ancestors were subjected.

we must discern and deal with each individual for the traits and qualities they exemplify; there is negative and positive in everything and everyone. we should not “throw the baby out with the bathwater” so to speak.

truth and reality do not change but sometimes they do hurt. there is a grieving period, but once this is over there is great healing. the earth and the planet will heal as will all of its people when everyone is in their rightful places.

remember: there is more than just this lifetime; this existence is a time of learning and discovery. there is so much more to come.

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why declare your nationality? what will this do for you?

only soveregns have standing in law; no CORPORATE entity or person has standing in law

law is not what you have been led to believe. reference: american law video

you are born a moor; your birthright is not for sale. look in the mirror, examine your asiatic/moabite features, and then, if still in doubt, research your matriarchal bloodline.

do your research and study. this is key. if you know nothing else, you must know yourself.

once your know yourself, you can truly love yourself – this will reverse the programming and brainwashing thrust upon you for centuries.

overstand and innerstand that there is a difference between moors and those who are not. this difference encompasses many different levels.

moors are the true heirs to this vast estate. as a sovereign you are not subject to the CORPORATE jurisdiction, ordinances, and policies. you are the lords on the land.

you must stand up and claim what belongs to you. others have been usurping what belongs to you and masquerading as the heirs. for centuries they made you prisoners of war. you were never slaves; you were treated as slaves.

we are in the moor renaissance. it is our time. there is a lot of opposition and will continue to be so. yes, unfortunatey, there will be more bloodshed before we have fully come into our own because there are some evil ones do not want to let go.

you cannot stop a hurricane, a tidal wave, an earthquake, or a tornado – and this is what we are as a people.

we are no longer asleep; the moors are waking up and claiming everything that was taken away from us.

we have protectors you don’t see and we have those who have and are making a supreme sacrifice for our future; love them and appreciate them; don’t mock them because they have been temporarily kidnapped.

know that we are vicorious; we are forever standing firm come what may.

our family has put a lot of resources in place to help you declare your nationality. feel free to download the instructions and the GRID below.

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