moorish american consulate arizona territory

article III consular court

arizona territory public records

this is the first moorish american consulate in the arizona territory. it is hosted on and supported by the free2behealthyandwealthy site but we are a separate group. the moorish american consulate arizona territory supports all of the moorish american consulates and article iii consular courts. our family has done an excellent job of providing well-detailed instructions and tutorials, providing templates, providing public records, signing and sealing nationality documents, and holding court actions and demonstrations. our goal is to continue their efforts in the arizona territory and for all territories who need our assistance.

instructions and guidelines

proclaim your nationality

nationality documents sealing request

order nationality and/or travel ID card

place documents for the pubic record

post upcoming court actions and demonstrations

request free moorish nationality assistance

connect with other arizona territory moors

forms and templates

recorded documents from the consulate

find a resource and be a resource

court action instructions (including mock court)

audios and videos