Do you want a Hand Out or a Hand Up? Your Choice

You want things to change for those of us who are labeled as “Black” “Negro” “African American” “Puerto Rican” etc., you have to do it. The last place you want to be in their prejudicial, discriminatory, unequal, and unethical courts.  You’ve tried everything else; it’s time to go to the source:  make the laws that govern your land (and it really is your land).  Remember: “If it’s to be, it’s up to me!”

Come join the conference call on Wednesday, November 25th @ 5pm with regard to enacting legislation for the Moors and those who are yet to realize they are Moors. Black is not a nationality and never has been.  We all are from a particular Clan, Tribe, and Nation of Indigenous People, whether on this side of the Atlantic or the other side. The Call-in number is 302-202-1116 Access Code 918364.  There is a better way to a better day!!

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